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Hostfalt has developed his own repertoire incorporating
microtones. Tuning his guitar in intervals of a Quarter
Tones and Smaller. In The Future, 29 Pieces for The
Microtonal Guitar may be considered a groundbreaking
JAZZ REVIEW Sten Hostfalt develops a finely-detailed insect-scaled musical system in which a thousand granular details, seemingly disjointed and unrelated, fuse to build a giant mound swarming with life. 29 Microtonal Pieces is among the most riveting explorations of the microtonal world ever recorded. It's fine focus and beauty of details puts the cycle in a class with John Cage's 'Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano" SIGNAL TO NOISE MAGAZINE In and out of the aural palette in an attractive complexity . . . . Using Conventional Instruments and Obtaining Microtones through various other means, Sten Hostfalt Gives You Another Angle on Exploring Tone Colors and Guitar Abstractions That You Will Not Want To Miss CADENCE MAGAZINE We are impressed with his fast fingers and intense focus TIME OUT NY
Inimitable PAPER MAGAZINE Sten Hostfalt takes the more rigid confines of the Guitar and transforms it showing just how far an instrument can be bent and altered to meet a more experimental and adventurous need. Taking you on a journey to a place where anything is possible ALL ABOUT JAZZ Not for the faint of heart .. Beyond Rapturous. High Density, Highly Logical In A Completely Different Way and Highly Recommended JAZZ NOW MAGAZINE
A Lot Of Personality
Virtuosic for sure
Highly Exceptional

New Digital Album Out Now
Celebrating 15 years of Microtonal Guitar
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